Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lobsterman, for seafood lover!

Wow, it's a lobster day! As i'm a seafood lover, i'm so excited for this!

They catch the lobster fresh! yummy, it's very freshly sweet lobster!

A dinner set is inclusive of:
1. Appetizer- Cheesy Mussel
2. Main course- One Big Lobster
3. Side dish- Pasta
4. Dessert- Ice cream
5. Drinks for 2

Location: Lobsterman, SS2
Type of cuisine: Lobster Meal

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Princess Broth: Tomato Taufu Soup

This is pretty simple, just mix Taufu, sliced tomato, Goji Berry Leaf (Gao Gei Vege) and little of salt. You may add Anchovies for better taste.

KTZ Kei Tak Sek, SS2

Mango ice at KTZ Kei Tak Sek..

And mango roll.. Today is the Mango day..

Moonlight Almond Tea

My fav.. Yummy! Recently I got addicted to this weird taste. Believe it or not, previously I would vomit when smell this, or even tasted one mouth of this weird drink. But now, it is a must whenever I go any Hong Kong Cha Can Ting. Weird weird..

For beginners, I would suggest you to start with drinking the pure almond tea, without adding extra egg or egg white. As for now, I love Almond with egg white the most!

Chong Qing Chicken Hot Pot, Kuchai Lama


Restaurant Chong Qing Chicken Hot Pot at Kuchai Lama. The menu is designed in simple way, you can only choose either- Chicken, Ribs, Beef, Fish or Prawn, with fixed cooking style. The hot pot is served under fire, to keep the food warm all the time. I couldn't stop thinking of the special taste, the combination of all the herbs and chili used, is just nice and makes it great! We ordered 1 pot of Ribs Hot Pot, which tasted nice, and another Prawn Hot Pot, which tasted superb! You can choose the level of spiciness- slightly spicy, medium spicy and super spicy. For me, i think all tasted the same.. =p
What i can say, if you like spicy, you will love this so much!

Chong Qing Chicken Hot Pot, Kuchai Lama

Address: 21, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, Taman Entrepreneurs Park, 58200 KL (Beside Honeymoon Dessert House). 

Princess Broth: Black Bean with Black Chicken Sweet Soup

Recently I have been busy with experimenting soupy recipe, this is one of my favourite soup. Love the sweet taste so much, you may want to try it out yourself.

Ingredients needed:
50g  Black Bean
10g  Dried Lotus Seed
10g  Gui Yuan (Dried Longan)
10g  Yuk Zuk
10g  Barley
Ginger, Black Chicken according to preference and little of salt.

Boil at least 2 hours until the black bean is cooked. You may add more Gui Yuan (Dried Longan) to add more sweetness.

Princess Broth: Black Bean with Black Chicken Sweet Soup- Ingredients

Princess Broth: Black Bean with Black Chicken Sweet Soup

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Champagne Grape

Champagne Grape is not very common in Malaysia. The super small size of this grape grabbed my attention, hence i bought it. It's a type of small (around same size as black currant), super sour, seedless grape in a bunch.

So what this small fruit is all about?

"Champagne grapes, aka Black Corinth grapes, are, in fact, the smallest variety of all seedless grapes. Black Corinth grapes are not the exclusive champagne grape, there are red and green varieties as well, though very uncommon. Corinth grapes are one of the very few Parthenocarpic type of grapes in production - Parthenocarpic grapes have absolutely no seed development at all, compared to other seedless varieties, which develop seeds and eventually the seeds naturally abort."
~ taken from

"Champagne grapes are the individual pearl-sized fragile skinned fruits, aka the berries, of the seedless grape variety, Black Corinth. When eaten fresh, they are known as a table grape. In dried form the champagne grape is transformed into a raisin, in which they are known as the Zante currant, or dried currant."
~ taken from

"Champagne grapes are ubiquitously utilized for garnishing champagne flutes and decorating desserts and cheese trays. The grapes can also be used in many other forms, added to pastries, such as scones, muffins and cakes. Like many other fruits, champagne grapes make a great addition to fruit cereals, granola and yogurt. They can also be cooked and reduced down into a jelly, added to sauces for savory pairings with lamb, game and pork. In dried currant form the Champagne grapes can also be added to pastries as well as couscous, rice, fruit and green salads and paired equally with aged and fresh cheeses alongside charcuterie meats."
~ taken from

Now we know what to make with champagne grape, lets try with pastry, or cooking with meat, and even make cheese cake!
100gram  of Champagne Grape is sold around RM6 to RM8. A small bunch of Champagne Grape is definitely more than 100gram.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Little Tokyo, Cheras Leisure Mall

It's pretty's birthday. We celebrated at Little Tokyo, Cheras Leisure Mall. It's red red restaurant. Everything there's red!

We ordered set meal and ala-carte.
Love the shape of the sushi!

Ebi Fried Curry.

Chicken Teriyaki Egg.

Salmon set with Chawanmushi.

We ordered Sushi platter. The sushi roll looked really like displayed food!

It's birthday cake from Baskin Robin.
Happy birthday pretty. Everyone enjoyed the food very much.

Location: Little Tokyo, Cheras Leisure Mall (beside Starbucks)
Type of cuisine: Japanese food
Facebook: Little-Tokyo-Japanese-Restaurant

Thursday, May 10, 2012

KLM Tulip Sale for Mother's Day

It's KLM- Royal's Dutch Airline annual tulip-sales again this Saturday, 12th May 2012.

KLM Tulip Sale for Mother's Day
(Pic courtesy of

How to get Tulip in Malaysia for your lovely Mum for this special mother's day?
Just queue at Sg Wang Shopping Centre at KL on 12th May, 11am in the morning to get your stalk of Tulip.

KLM Tulip Sale for Mother's Day
(Pic courtesy of

Besides getting something meaning for Mother's Day, you are actually doing charity.
Rabobank contributes RM1 for each Tulip sold, (public only pays RM5 per stalk of Tulip), and Dutch Bank will top up RM2 for each Tulip sold.
The beneficiary this year is Special Children Society of Ampang (SCSOA).

KLM Tulip Sale for Mother's Day
(Pic courtesy of

My mother likes white Tulip. Quietly, she always look at my photos of Netherlands with Tulip. But how can i get her a Tulip from Netherlands? It's really a mission impossible for me. But now, here is the chance.. =)

Why Tulip for mothers?

Lets see what different color of Tulip means:

Red Tulip-      Declaration of love/ True Love
Pink Tulip-     Caring
Purple Tulip-  Royalty
Yellow Tulip- (originally hopeless love but changed) Cheerful thoughts and sunshine; 
                       "There's sunshine in your smile"
White Tulip-   Forgiveness
Orange Tulip- Warmth, happiness, fascination, energy, desire and passion

Other interesting colors such as:
Violet-          Faithfulness
Yarrow-       Good health
Zinna-          Thoughts of friends

A tulip bouquet represents elegance and grace.

~ taken from source: and

So why a simple yet meaningful Tulip for my mother? The above symbolism of Tulip can definitely answer this question. I just hope to bring love, caring, warmth, happiness, cheers, good my beloved mother! These are things that money can't buy, but hope that a stalk of Tulip speaks all.

Red Tulip

Pink Tulip

Yellow Tulip

Purple Tulip

White Tulip

Everyday is mother's day. But during this special occasion, do express your love and care to them more.
To all mother in the world, Happy Mother's Day. 

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